In Altea Darsena quality and confort is garanted and therefore it is like from home to home.

Benidorm is one of the top destinations in Europe, so we count on a lot of inernational guests using our holiday homes.

Our services are free with your accomodation:

  • Free parking space, cable TV with your favorite channels, access to the Internet for wifi in the communial hall. A relaxing space with sofas, tables and chairs looking into the beach when you can use the internet.


We work so that our clients feel as if they are in a dream worl, so we try hard to cover all relevant aspects.

From our experience, we know that one of the bigguest worries for our guest, in getting information/news.

We have, therefore, installed many international channels, such as English, French, Belgian, German, Duch, Portuguese and even Italian.

So, what ever nacionality you are, you can be well informated in your own language.


For more information, please click here where all our international channels are listed.


Also, we would like to infor you can use all this channels during your stay with no additinal costs.

You know, Altea Dársena translates into quality, confort and tranquality…the perfect cocktail to enjoy your holiday with the best views of Benidorm.

Remember, that we can be fount in the emblematic area of Benidorm, the first line of the beach in the middle of Levante Beach.

From your apartment you will feel that you have found the home o your dreams and now ith your favorite TV channels it will be like home.

Ask withut compromise and booked your apartament.